So we met down at the river...

Actually it was our first time shooting at the river. See, the MacDougall family and I go back, way back. All the way back to spring of 2015 when Layla was about to become a big sister to Sawyer and a few years later, sweet Kendrix completed the crew. And that's what they are, a crew... thick as thieves. But we'd never shot at the river, so this was extra exciting!

We headed out of town, I arrived a few minutes early and was thrilled to see the sun pouring in above the trees. Is there anything else more beautiful in fall!? Oooooh! So naturally.. that's where we started our shoot, because.. well, golden light, and autumn colours! Duh.

Then we ventured down the path and to the water...

We found some mud, watched some boaters, snuggled, laughed and found out who has the stinkiest toots. Spoiler alert, the kids ratted out mom and dad but I think they're just covering their own tracks haha.

Their endless laughter, constant smiles, unprompted love and their genuine connection and appreciation for each other, mean that our sessions feel effortless and more like hanging out with good friends, there to have a good time than 'work'. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

Always up for an adventure and a good time, and always willing to trust me, my visions and wild ideas - thank you once again to the MacDougall's for allowing me the joy and pleasure of capturing your family grow, year after year.

Before you leave...

Just a quick note, because there is nothing better than supporting small and local. Not only is Courtney an amazing mom, wife and friend - she's also the talented face, creator and owner behind Courtney MacDougall Design here in Grande Prairie and she has some of the most beautiful and one of a kind designs I've ever seen!

So run, don't walk and go check her out here!

Peace out

h o m e s l i c e

Peace out

h o m e s l i c e