Would you believe me,

Truth! It was, and funny enough, I wasn't even ready for the shot! I had just laid little Stevie down, hadn't tidied up her wrap or got her in her final position, tested my light, but then... this happened!

I reached for my camera so fast, thank goodness I had my settings already almost* on point (my light sure wasn't haha), I probably even held my breath while I clicked the shutter.

Ain't nothing like an amazing before and after!


8 day old Stevie with 19 month old big brother Kash.

Sibling photos are some of the sweetest and most precious moments at newborn sessions. They can also sometimes require a little bit of extra, creativity in posing, patience or even a pivot from our original idea

But isn't that all part of the fun when working with little ones? For me it sure is!

When it comes to little ones and photo sessions, flexibility and fun are key. If siblings aren't loving a pose, no worries - I can accommodate! And usually after a little time, some fun and with some of that creativity I mentioned, we can achieve some stunning images of your babies together.

And My goodness, I nearly melted behind the camera when he looked up like this.

And Here's just a few more ones I love...