Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I feel as though, writing an 'about me' is the adult equivalent to the first day of school when the teacher makes you stand up and talk about yourself... sometimes stuffing your face with crackers to make it funny and less awkward, however it remains just as awkward. If you've met me before you'll probably use the word "bubbly" to describe me, sounds about right - I'm into it. I'm fairly easy going (unless you live with me, then don't touch it, don't help, just let me do it right the first time.. ladies, amirighttttt ) Here's a quick low down, with some 'to the point' info on me, my likes, loves and things that I can't live without.

  • My doggos.
  • Family, my nephews & my man.. all that mushy stuff.
  • Wendy's Strawberry Lemonade.
  • Autumn and all that comes with it.
  • Cold, cold winter days.
  • Blackout curtains.
  • I'm getting better at keeping plants alive...
  • My google assistant: most common question she get's from me is "hey google, how long do I cook _______ from frozen for in the instant pot?" because I never fail to forget to take out meat for dinner...
  • Dry-Shampoo & a lot of hair spray.
  • Late night summer sessions at golden hour.
  • Cheese, all the cheese. I looove cheese.
  • When clients call me the 'baby whisperer'.
  • Spontaneity (in all forms).
  • Any 'old' object or anything with a 'story'.
  • Babies. Toddlers. Kids. My favs.

but also not limited to all that basic girl stuff including....

  • starbucks
  • uggs
  • leggings
  • netflix
  • oversized sweaters
  • scrunchies
  • cute day planners

.... ya know, all that.



“My family had such a fantastic experience with Jennifer as our photographer. We have used many photographers in the past, but there was something about Jennifer that put us at ease right away. We were quickly able to slip right into being ourselves and the results were amazing! The photos are clear and bright with interesting angles and natural expressions. Perfect! My kids actually look like MY KIDS! Every smile and laugh was genuine and beautiful. She is phenomenal to work with.”