Hey, I'm Jennifer!

I feel as though, writing an 'about me' is the adult equivalent to the first day of school, where you're asked to introduce yourself... " soo.. hi.. I'm Jennifer..." ha! If you've met me before you may use the word 'bubbly' to describe me, sounds about right! Here's a quick low down, with some 'to the point' info on me, my likes, loves and things that I can't live without.

  • My pups.
  • My Family, nephews & my man.
  • People who leave Christmas lights up year round, good people.
  • Snacks for car rides (regardless of duration).
  • Going to work with my man in his 'big truck'.
  • Pottery (and everything about it!)
  • Blackout curtains.
  • When clients call me the 'baby whisperer'.
  • Babies. Toddlers. Kids. My favs.
  • Lists... making all the lists...
  • Pottery (wheel throwing!).
  • Getting crafty or creative.

And that typical 'millennial' stuff that may also include:

  • coffee dates.
  • all things related to stationary supplies.
  • netflix.
  • crew neck sweaters.

Photo credit to: Brianna Payne Photography



“My family had such a fantastic experience with Jennifer as our photographer. We have used many photographers in the past, but there was something about Jennifer that put us at ease right away. We were quickly able to slip right into being ourselves and the results were amazing! The photos are clear and bright with interesting angles and natural expressions. Perfect! My kids actually look like MY KIDS! Every smile and laugh was genuine and beautiful. She is phenomenal to work with.”