where to start...

(note: the cute pics are at the bottom... soooo either way, don't miss those!)

I've wanted to sit down and write my thoughts out for months, maybe even approaching a year to be honest. But, life. Nothing further haha. Simply, life and my continued navigation of such has kept me from doing so. Each time that wave of desire to write washes over me again - it is often quickly drowned out by a tsunami of overwhelming...ness? Because really, where to start?

Since we're here, I guess I'll start at the beginning!

In 2013 Jennifer Leigh Photography was born, in a basement duplex rental in Grande Prairie AB. Several years before that I'd graduated from college as an ECE with an additional certificate in working with infants 0-12m and I knew, working with littles was without a doubt - the job for me. After moving to Alberta in spring of 2012 and after years of working in a variety of childcare positions such as a private nanny and in infant/toddler and 3-5 daycares, 1:1 caregiver as well as in a Montessori Pre-school - before and after moving to Alberta, I knew I wanted to continue working with little ones but - I wasn't really sure how to do that and well, make a living!

On June 9th 2013 after months and months and months of saving, I bought myself a canon rebel kit from Best Buy. Why Canon you ask? Because it "felt better in my hand" (facebook comments I left on my post from that day tell me this) so yea, a lot of technical research went into that decision haha (peep Oliver showing off the goods below!)

I'd always loved the idea of photography and played with my parents camera growing up but how about this - I didn't buy it to start a business... I actually bought that camera in the summer of 2012 with the full intent to be able to 'take good photos' of my own children one day.

Well, if this isn't full circle, I don't know what is.

Life sure has changed in these last 10 years and never in a million years did I think it would be a decade before I would be capturing my own baby on camera, but here we are!

Yes, it's cliché - but I think things really do happen for a reason. And no doubt, it'd wait all over again for my sweet girl.

My first few years in business, sharing thoughts and little snippets was something I loved and often did on my website. I think I'd like to get back to that, maybe sharing that here will help keep me accountable - we'll see, ha.

Scroll down to see Penny's
first fall & Oliver with
the OG kit that started it all!

Ps: I shoot Nikon now - for many other reasons, but yes, it also feels great in my hand lol.

Pps: Please see the tissue I folded up and placed under the lens of the camera before putting it on the floor.... hahaha oh. oh sweet, young, clueless grasshopper. So cute. So naive.