Are blogs still cool? Are they trendy? On point? Or are we all just watching 7 second videos on tiktok or instagram... haha.. *nervous laughter* please let the blog still be, cool?

Anyways. Here we are... May 2nd 2022 (the last blog post I wrote here was in 2020.. procrastination whaaaat?). You know, before that... waaaay back in 2013, when I started Jennifer Leigh Photography, and I blogged all the time. I blogged my thoughts and feelings mostly, with a sprinkle of client work in there... and you know I really loved it, I blogged it all. ha.

9 years later, here we are! (can we just cheer that in itself.. small businesses making it!) Almost a decade into being a professional photographer, I'm starting over on 'the blog'. Unsure if anyone will read, see or care and.. honestly, not to worried if that's the case. Something I have learned over the last 9 years, is that... it doesn't matter :)

Do what makes you happy.

So here I am.

And what better way to dive back, but by sharing a gorgeous winter session from a couple months ago with one of my favourite families who welcomed two beautiful babies into this world shortly after our session! Here is a peek at their maternity session.. now I'll aim to be back prior to the two year mark this time!